#32 Reducing Injuries

The sport has seen some significant shifts in recent cycles, and shows little sign of slowing down. The most obvious of course being the change in the general structure of the code of points to the current ‘open ended’ system, meaning athletes will now strive to have the highest level of difficulty possible in their [...]

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#31 Ego

Ego, 'a person's sense of self-esteem or self-importance.' Competitive sport can brew the perfect storm for coaches and their ego’s. The truth of the matter is, we ALL have an ego. We wouldn’t be much good in competitive sport without one. But what is important is that we keep it 'in check.’ We must remember [...]

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#30 Can You Answer This Question?

I’m always encouraging my clients to invest time in deep reflection about their program. Asking ourselves great questions is a fantastic way to do just that, and although there is an extensive list of questions I would ask, I’d like to take this moment to get you to think about one key, yet often challenging [...]

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#26 Self Fulfilling Prophecy

It is often told that 'If you tell somebody something enough times, they may just end up believing it.’ That’s pretty true too. I meet new athletes all of the time on my travels, and quite often i’m introduced to them by their coaches. Quite often it goes a little bit like this -  ‘This is Ella, she’s [...]

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#23 What Does A ‘Great Coach’ Mean?

Here is a question that bothers me greatly, and it comes up in almost ALL coaching courses and workshops I have attended: 'What makes a great coach?’ I can feel my blood pressure rising just writing it. Many years ago, I would have compiled a long list of qualities that great coaches have ... but not [...]

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#22 Moths

Preps and drills ... why are we so magnetised to them, like a moth to a lightbulb? You'd think that the paparazzi has arrived in the gym when introducing a new drill; phones and cameras everywhere making sure every moment is captured. Who doesn't like new shiny objects eh? :) I'm not being judgemental as [...]

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#19 6 Vault Coaching Mistakes to Avoid

I love vault, it’s my favourite apparatus to coach. That seems to be rare these days, with most coaches loathing it, but i’m magnetised to the power, technical aspects and variety that it can offer. Yes variety, vault doesn’t have to be boring! Like all apparatus, it’s the accumulation of components in your athletes’ training [...]

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#16 Own the Energy

I’ve spoken in length throughout my Key Lessons series (you can sign up to receive those emails HERE) about the key attributes that many high performing coaches have. Without question, I have found that most, if not all, have an infectious energy behind their coaching.  Coaches with 'energy' are more engaging, more compelling and more [...]

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