10 07, 2016

#15 Robots

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It’s been said many times before that coaching is all about relationships, and positive relationships are built on communication, trust and engagement. As I have written in a previous blog post, (CLICK HERE TO READ IT) great athlete-coach relationships don’t always happen organically, they may have to be worked on just like any other relationship [...]

2 07, 2016

#14 Prescribing Confidence

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What’s the worst bit of feedback you have given your athletes recently? I know, bit of a strange question really, but as my own worst critic, it’s something I think about often ... Here’s mine - ‘be more confident.’ I’m not sure what I was expecting, perhaps the athlete to internally flick a switch and [...]

20 05, 2016

#13 Feedback Frenzy

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If I gave you a few golf balls and a club at the driving range you’d probably like to just ‘hit a few.’ Unless you're destined for the next PGA tour that’s quite reasonable, but lets assume you are receiving coaching from a qualified professional with the intention of making significant progress as a return [...]

5 05, 2016

#12 The Importance of a Great Handstand

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In gymnastics, it’s a well known fact that all advanced skills derive from the roots of just a few basic shapes and positions, and the quality of those key shapes will determine the aesthetics and technical quality of the skills that follow. The term ‘basics’ is thrown around a fair bit, and although this phrase [...]

6 04, 2016

#11 Cotton Wool Coaching

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What is cotton wool coaching I hear you ask? Well we’ve all heard of the expression, ‘she’s wrapped up in cotton wool,’ usually used to describe an individual (often a child) who is perceived to be 'overly protected’ by their parent.   'Cotton wool coaching' refers to being overly protective of your athletes, by being [...]

23 03, 2016

#10 Starter on the Slopes

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  I have the pleasure of writing this post in a beautiful town called ‘La Rosiere’, a fantastic ski resort nestled high up in the French Alps. I’m here with my two good friends Ryan and Pete, celebrating Ryan’s 30th birthday, all of us rookies on the slopes, with a day each of prior practice [...]

29 02, 2016

#9 Escape Route

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In a sport as complex as gymnastics, things aren’t always going to go as intended in either practice or competition. It goes without saying that in order to deliver a ‘hit routine' in competition, the athlete would have ‘failed’ at delivering the routine hundreds of time prior in training.  This phase is inevitable as the [...]

1 11, 2015

#5 Performing Under Pressure

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This blog post has been inspired by the World Championships in Glasgow, where on top of the standard pressure of competition, there were several examples of highly pressurized scenarios and times where impeccable planning and preparation was required. As a boy scout in my younger years I was taught the motto ‘Be Prepared’ and the [...]

19 09, 2015

#2 Yelling and Telling

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We all have our own values and philosophies of what ethical coaching should look like. Like me, I’m sure you have some specific things that bother you with regards to ‘bad coaching practice.’ When I first started coaching, I, like many, felt a position of power and authority over the young athletes I was working [...]

4 08, 2015

#1 What Really Gets My Goat

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There are a few things in life that really get my goat. One is washing my hands and finding the hand dryer doesn’t work, and another is when coaches talk badly about their own athletes and others, without knowing the story and struggle of that individual. This is known as the 'iceberg' effect. (Did you [...]